Kop van Noord-Holland

Welcome in the Kop

The Kop van Noord-Holland is a part of Holland that is truly authentic. The Kop statistically has the most sunshine, beautiful sandy beaches, an amazing and diverse hinterland and is surrounded by three coasts: North Sea, Wadden Sea and IJsselmeer.

Explore fresh fish in Den Helder or Den Oever, West Frisian Folklore in the market town of Schagen, and the Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are 115 hiking trails with a total length of 777 kilometres and endless cycling routes through the dunes and various villages. The coastline spans an impressive 30 kilometres with special beaches for families and internationally renowned hotspots for kitesurfing.


Regions in the KOP

Discover the diversity of the Kop van Noord-Holland: Texel offers beautiful nature and culture, Den Helder is known for its maritime heritage, Schagen charms with historic markets and monuments, and Hollands Kroon offers peace and space in rural beauty.


The largest Wadden Island in the Netherlands is a paradise for lovers of sun, sea and beach. From relaxing in nature to sporting activities such as cycling, walking or even parachuting.

Den Helder

In this naval city, people live along the water. Surrounded by the North Sea, the Marsdiep and of course the Wadden Sea, this coastal town is best known for its vibrant fishing trade and strong naval base.


Discover the Municipality of Schagen, an attractive municipality consisting of the bustling city of Schagen and the picturesque coastal towns of Callantsoog, Petten, Groote Keeten and Sint Maartenszee.

Hollands Kroon

Extensive polders, the charming coast along the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer, and the iconic Afsluitdijk. Peace and space ensure an unforgettable stay.

Spring in the KOP

tulipfield in breezand
walking along the tulip fields
breezand anna paulowna
land van fluwel
zwanenwater callantsoog
wildrijk sint maartenszee
texel beach lighthouse
wieringen island museum jan lont