Kunst op Texel 2024

Kunst op Texel 2024

Three different (cycling) routes take you to 28 different locations where the art of Texel can be found.

In 2024, the Texel CultuurEiland foundation will organize the fifth edition of the art summer, this year under the new name “Art on Texel 2024, three special art routes across the island”.

The artistic offering on the island has grown enormously in both size and diversity in recent decades.

It is precisely this variety of galleries, exhibition spaces, studios at artists’ homes and special locations that makes the art routes across the island so attractive and clear for both tourists and Texel residents. And certainly easy to cycle!

In the period from April to October, 28 different locations spread across the island can be visited, where the works of art by one, two or more artists can be admired.

Art route Texel per day

This year we have again opted for a route on a fixed day of the week. Both visitors and artists experience this as more clear and customer-friendly.

There are three routes this year:

  • the Den Hoorn route on Thursdays ;
  • the route Den Burg, Hoge Berg, Oudeschild on Saturday ;
  • the route Oosterend , Oost , Eierland and the North , also on Saturday .

Opening hours vary per location and are listed in the Art on Texel guide 2024